Unlock the power of group ownershipPrysm Squads turns your group chat into a collector DAO. Gather frens, pool money, collect NFTs as a team, and win.
Squad GoalsSee what some frens have already done with Prysm Squads πŸ‘€
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Floorbirds DAO
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Do cool sh*t with your frens on-chainMulti-sig NFT buys, sells, transfers, mints, floor sweeping and more: your Squad can do it all β€” in one app.
Easy moneyTrack contributions and ownership of assets between you and your friends. Be in complete control.
Win together with your friends
More friends means more funds.More friends means less risk. More friends means more blue chips and less rug.
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Squad Group
Mint your Season II Access NFT or apply for a Genesis Access NFT today.
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  "Crypto Packaged” GOODS | Pop Minting 5/14 🎈 picture
"Crypto Packaged” GOODS | Pop Minting 5/14 🎈@CPGclub
We’re big fans of Prysm and the tech they’re building. We believe that squad buying of NFTs presents strong opportunities and will play a major role in the future of this ecosystem.
drew coffman π•šπ•€ π• π•Ÿπ•π•šπ•Ÿπ•– 🟒 picture
drew coffman π•šπ•€ π• π•Ÿπ•π•šπ•Ÿπ•– 🟒@drewcoffman
the @FWBtweets nft-general squad wallet is lookin' cute on the @prysm_xyz homepage
 Floorbirds DAO picture
Floorbirds DAO@floorbirds_xyz
Moonbird #8006 represents the power of community in Web3. Onward and upward! 🐣 Thanks to @prysm_xyz for the smooth fundraising experience, allowing us to raise 35 ETH from 29 contributors in just 4 days!
Chris Maddern picture
Chris Maddern@chrismaddern
want @moonbirds_xyz exposure without out-right buying a moonbird?some @floornfts community members are pooling together to buy one together on @prysm_xyz πŸ‘Œ πŸ¦‰ πŸš€
kirinparadise.eth/vietnam picture
Happy Women's Day! @crypto_covenWe just built a multi-signature wallet called 'season of the witch' on @prysm_xyz and spent about 3.8e for 3 beautiful witches to mark Women's Day!
Montana Wong picture
Montana Wong@Montana_Wong
Raised 23 E with 23 other people in 6 hours to grab these πŸ‘ŒThank you @prysm_xyz
Shiyu@CyberConnect picture
Just bought an Azuki with my squad via @prysm_xyz
Chuck Anderson picture
Chuck Anderson@NoPattern
008 - Core Infinite Vortex IThis is a special one now because one of the bidders is a group of 7 from @FWBtweets led by @drewcoffman who pooled ETH together + will deposit it into a @prysm_xyz multi-sig if they win πŸ₯²30 minutes to go, 1.09 ETH.πŸ«‚ πŸ«‚ πŸ«‚ https://infinitepressure.fun/item/8
azeemkhan.eth picture
On this early access for @prysm_xyz and it's super dope. The team is putting together an amazing product.
sabby.eth picture
Had an amazing chat with @prysm_xyz team today morning with @pscarlyle , @indiehaus_eth , @mkay_eth and team @RadioactiveApes ! Excited to have been given early access to a platform that makes investing into NFTs a more collaborative and fun experience.